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Meeting Author & Illustrator Eugene Yelchin at California School Library Association Conference 2019


Best job ever!  I love being a teacher!  I love being a librarian!  If you ever hear Eugene Yelchin, please do.  He grew up in the Soviet Union/Russia and saw so much as a young lad.  He has the gift to tell stories and his talent as an illustrator is incredible.

I read a few years ago Breaking Stalin’s Nose.  Add this book to your library.  Now I am reading The Assassination of Branwain Spurge, a collaboration with M. T. Anderson

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California Young Reader Medal Dinner with Meg Fleming at our table 2019



I love the opportunities to meet with authors.  This is Meg Fleming.  She is a lovely person and I’m glad we got to meet.  I’m taking the photo but I’m with my library teacher librarian friends enjoying our time with Meg.  Check out her beautiful picture books.  Enjoy and keep reading.  I’m grateful for the California Young Readers Medal for the opportunity to meet authors and illustrators.

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California Young Reader’s Medal Sara Pennypacker @California School Library Conference 2019


As a teacher librarian, I get to meet authors and illustrators.  I love this job.  Here I am at the California Young Reader Medal dinner getting author Sara Pennypacker autograph.  I love this book, Pax, by her.  You had me at “fox”.  And there’s going to be a sequel.  The decorations graced the dinner tables and were created by young elementary students.  If you get a chance to hear Sara Pennypacker speak, go for it.  Well worth it.  AND READ PAX, you’ll thank me later.

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Oakhurst Branches Bookstore

branches book storeBranches Bookstore Website

As an avid reader and a teacher librarian, I’ll gravitate to books anytime any place.  When I am an Oakhurst, I bring my friends to shop at Branches.  It has books for everyone and it also has great and unique gifts that are fun to give and receive.  Check this place out if you are in the mood to shop.  It’s located in the Von’s shopping center next to a great frozen yogurt place.  That’ll be another blog.

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Young Adult Reading Machine book blog

As a high school teacher librarian, I read a lot of young adult books.  As well as some regular adult books.  I’ll let you in on a secret, I listen to a lot of audio books too.  To help me keep track of what I read, and be able to recommend books, or warn people from books and most importantly, help me shop for books, I keep a blog.  I hope you find it helpful.  Maybe there’s a book you are looking to read up at the lake.  Enjoy.

I named it The Young Adult Reading Machine.  Here is the website