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Good Ol Daze @ Bass Lake

When you go to Bass Lake, I recommend visiting the Pines Village.  There is a great shop called Good Ol Daze owned by Chuck & Sharyn Nugent.  If you enjoy coffee, ice cream and shopping then you will enjoy this place.

Yesterday, Lesalee was on the front counter.  What I love about the place is that I can shop before I even walk in to the store.  I am always finding great gifts for friends and .. even myself!


I love foxes so when they had a very tempting table with various fox items I took a picture to remind me to come back and shop.  I also enjoy jewelry and the whole front part of the store is dedicated to all sorts of styles.  There are clothes and collectibles, puzzles and plenty of lovely items to enjoy.

When you walk in, this fellow is here to greet you.  The first time I saw him, I thought he was real.  He’s a great photo op.  Add Good Ol Daze to your places to visit at Bass Lake.

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Sunday Brunch at Casa Velasco


My friend Elise and I went to brunch at Casa Velasco today.  If you love Mexican food, then this is the place to go when you are up at Bass Lake, California.  We had the breakfast burritos.  They were wonderful with fresh chips and salsa. Since I’ve discovered Casa Velasco, I bring my friends there to enjoy casual dining.  What I love about the place is that if feels like family.  Go where the locals go and you will get a sense of community when you enjoy lunch or dinner.  Tell them, Ramona sent you!

Today, I talked with Yolanda, the co-oowner of Casa Velasco.  I had asked her about the painting hanging by the register.



A local artist Joan Constable painted the picture of Yolanda and Efran.  There’s Yolanda posing with the  painting.  Turns out Joan has quite a few of her pieces hanging at Casa Velasco’s.  Ask Yolanda which paintings are Joan’s.  She’s got some great stories on the different styles of Joan.

When you are up at Bass Lake, stop by and enjoy a meal, it’s a great place to eat out.  Lots of good energy and great service.  Today our server was Kelly.  Enjoy and stay tuned to further updates at life at Bass Lake.


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Lake House: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

When things get a bit crazy at work, I just think about driving up to Bass Lake to stay at my own personal retreat.  I love my home away from home because it is surrounded by trees, I have a creek in the back yard and the sounds of nature calling out.  I love to go an just unplug.  You can see me kayaking with friends or even solo early in the morning before the lake gets active with families enjoying an abundance of water and shore activities.

I can sit outside and meditate, read and unwind before I unravel from the challenges of work.  I love my job and the people who I get to work with but I love escaping to nature and unplugging from technology.  I love that I can share my home with others.  It’s part of the reason I bought this place.  My friends have named it Bass Lake Bliss and they are so right.