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Winter Wonder Land@ Bass Lake

It’s snowing at Bass Lake!  I traveled up to Bass Lake to see all the snow.  It’s amazing.  I’m normally not up during snow season.  I’m still learning to drive in snow/winter conditions.  I’m so lucky my friend Christine, who has lived in snow and knows how to drive in snow, volunteered to drive me up to the snow for the morning.  I learned to put chains on tires.  Also we were watching live cam Deadwood at top of Oakhurst to keep an eye on snow conditions.  Check out the snow and take a thermos of hot chocolate.  I just have one question for you?  Do you want to build a snowman?

At & Around the Lake, Good Times

Local Wildlife Pays A Visit

Bass Lake is gifted with amazing wildlife.  I missed a shot of taking a photo of wild turkeys crossing the road.  And quail are too fast for my cell phone camera. But I was able to take a photo a few weeks ago of this guest who surprised me, and I suspected I surprised her.

She had come up from Slide Creek to my back yard.  We made eye contact and then she meandered through the complex until she ended back in my back yard.  The photo on the right is here crossing slide creek to end up towards an old school yard.

But then I had one more visitor.  A lizard decided to help me vacuum my carpet.


That’s what I love about Bass Lake, there is always something interesting happening in my neck of the woods.

At & Around the Lake, Food and Friends, Good Times

Marina Grill @ Bass Lake



It was casual dining by the shore at the Marina Grill outdoors gourmet waterfront restaurant.  It was a breezy cool day sitting and enjoying friends and good burgers under the shade of grass umbrellas.  A great beachy vibe right at the dock.  Live music while we enjoyed our lunch.  There is even a place to play Corn Hole.  We had a great server, Noah who confirmed that the frisbees that served as our plates were ours to keep.  We even got free Koozies for our drinks.  It was my first time there and I know I will be back!




At & Around the Lake

Bald Eagle Bird Watching

This morning I took these pictures on my cell phone.  I started my walk from my Bass Lake home with quail on my mind.  There was a flock of quail that reminded me of where I grew up.  We had lots of wild quail living in my neighborhood.  As I made my way to a favorite spot by the lake and trees, I had a feeling I should have my camera out.  Just a few seconds later, a giant bald eagle flew over my head and perched on the top of tree behind me.  The sound of it’s powerful wings as it flew over me was majestic.

The eagle had a friend, for right away another one showed up.  Camera ready, and these two photos were the best of the bunch.  Wild eagles are so beautiful to watch in flight.  As one called out to the other, it was chilling.

Moments like these at Bass Lake are gifts to be enjoyed.  Find your Bliss at Bass Lake!

At & Around the Lake, Uncategorized

Thank You Fire Fighters


I was driving up to Bass Lake and saw homes with signs of gratitude for the hard work of the men and women who are doing all they can to end the forest fires.  Yosemite really was hit hard this year.

This Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of breathing in clean air and I wanted to say to all who are fighting the fires,  “Thank you.”  I can only imagine all the challenges these brave crew must face to do a very dangerous job.  Thank you,  thank you.

A lovely  Sunday morning  walk around the lake was a treat to see berries ripening on the vine.  Any time in Bass Lake is a good time in Bass Lake.  Not only are the berries a treat but getting away from the city to recharge in nature is a treat for the spirit.  I am grateful to be able to enjoy my time up here.  I can renew my energies and enjoy a beautiful walk.

I’m also starting to train for the Smokey The Bear Race Walk.  More on that, I’ll keep you posted.   Meanwhile remember you can find Bliss at Bass Lake!