At & Around the Lake

Bald Eagle Bird Watching

This morning I took these pictures on my cell phone.  I started my walk from my Bass Lake home with quail on my mind.  There was a flock of quail that reminded me of where I grew up.  We had lots of wild quail living in my neighborhood.  As I made my way to a favorite spot by the lake and trees, I had a feeling I should have my camera out.  Just a few seconds later, a giant bald eagle flew over my head and perched on the top of tree behind me.  The sound of it’s powerful wings as it flew over me was majestic.

The eagle had a friend, for right away another one showed up.  Camera ready, and these two photos were the best of the bunch.  Wild eagles are so beautiful to watch in flight.  As one called out to the other, it was chilling.

Moments like these at Bass Lake are gifts to be enjoyed.  Find your Bliss at Bass Lake!

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